Center for Space Science Education and Public Outreach

The Center for Space Science Education and Public Outreach provides hands-on education and workforce development experiences for students in K-12, community colleges, colleges or universities and those who support them in achieving leadership careers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Vision and Goals

The Center's vision is to assist in educating and developing the future leaders of the STEM career fields through utilizing space science, astronomy and other related areas of study at Capitol Technology University to engage students of all ages. Working at the local, regional, and national levels, the Center will:

  1. Assist the Capitol Technology University Space Operations Institute in fulfilling their mission
  2. Provide hands-on educational experiences for middle school, high school, community college, and college students to both introduce them to the STEM fields and continue to expand their interest in these fields as possible career choices.
  3. Provide leadership development opportunities, in conjunction with the Innovation and Leadership Institute, to enable students to be future leaders within the STEM fields.
  4. Support the dissemination of information regarding STEM workforce and leadership opportunities.


Fellows of the Center are University faculty and staff, members of the space science community and other related fields that support the Center in providing education and leadership programs.

Current fellows are:

  • Tom Bagg
  • Dr. Helen Barker
  • Mike Bennett
  • Melinda Bunnell-Rhyne
  • Dr. Chuck Conner
  • Doris Daou
  • Dr. Michael G. Gibbs
  • Professor Andrew Mehri
  • Dr. M. Jean Russell
  • Dr. Ashit Sanyal
  • Dr. Stephanie Slater
  • Dianne Veenstra
  • George Walls
  • Associate Professor Angela Walters

Student Mentors

Space Operations Institute Interns can be invited to serve as mentors to K-12 and community college students. This experience provides both leadership and mentorship opportunities and helps students develop leadership and project management skills, in addition to the technical skills they acquire through their work on NASA satellite missions.

Funding Partners

Funding Partners are organizations and corporations dedicated to assisting Capitol Technology University on its mission to provide encouragment for students K-12 to explore careers in the STEM fields and opportunities to receive an education that will prepare them for success in their chosen industry. 

Current Programs

Contact Information

To partner with the Center or request additional information, please contact:
Dianne Veenstra Vice President for Planning and Assessment,

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